About Our Firm

It's All About Words

Since 1944 we have been committed to providing quality, professional services to the Northeast Ohio legal community. Trusted by fellow court reporting agencies, referred by legal professionals and expert witnesses alike, we have built our reputation on trust and proven ability. Our longevity is a testament to our higher standard of excellence.

Since rooting in Cleveland 75 years ago, our reach has branched to Akron, expanded across Ohio and has become nationwide. Having earned the respect of colleagues around the country through years of personal experience, we have a vetted network of certified local partners to serve you wherever your case may go while maintaining one-stop case management and coordination.

The Spoken Word…Captured and Preserved

An unbiased, verbatim record is a crucial component to the litigation process. Because an inaccurate transcript or a late transcript is useless, our professional reporters continue to advance their skills and use of cutting edge technology to ensure your transcripts and exhibits are always timely, accurate and available when you need them.

Our Cleveland office main conference room

You’ve Got Our Word

The legal community is a close-knit community that operates under strict deadlines that can change at a moment’s notice. Our commitment to meeting and adjusting to your needs in every aspect of our business is second to none. Our firm’s foundation was built on dedicated service that consistently goes above and beyond.

Our Akron office main conference room