Court Reporting

Accurate & Timely

7-day standard delivery
Same-day rough drafts
Local Realtime – equipment and software provided
Remote Realtime streaming – secure login
Depositions, hearings, arbitrations, meetings
Audio and DVD transcription

Dependable Delivery

We understand deadlines are paramount, our goal is to meet or exceed your delivery expectations, whether same day, next day or our standard 7-day time frame.

Unimpeachable Accuracy

Highly skilled, nationally certified staff reporters can let you rest easy with the knowledge you can expect the highest-quality, most accurate transcripts time after time.

Tech Savvy

In our changing field, keeping abreast of the latest tools to help you most efficiently use and track transcripts, exhibits and organize files for quick access is inherently crucial. You can count on us to continue to be a resource for the latest advances in transcription as well as field tips and tricks.

Security Assurance

We securely retain and archive all stenographic notes, exhibits and records related to your case in-house for all assignments – including out-of-town referrals. Continuous multiple backups both locally and off site in multiple locations ensures in the event of a catastrophe, retrieval is quick and effective

A full staff of experienced, professional court reporters guarantees accurate, timely transcripts.