Legal Videography

Quality + Precision = Results

Single camera and multi camera shoots
Remote streaming
Demonstrative shoots
Settlement package
Site Inspections
Trial Presentation
High-quality playback equipment

Reliable Quality

You only get one shot at a good video. Our videographers hold both the national Certified Legal Video Specialist certification, which tests equipment use and function knowledge as well as TrialDirector™ certification, which adds the courtroom production and data management eye to their post-production video editing role.


All proceedings/participants are continually monitored to track recording quality.

Tech Savvy

Equipment enhancements, changing environments, multi-camera shoots, picture in picture, commercial quality mixers all come together to give you the most powerful visual presentations attainable, all orchestrated from one master console.

Demonstrative Evidence Presentation Specialists

Experts at the challenges each aspect of settlement package creation or courtroom layout provides, the TrialDirector™ experience adds a valuable component to the final product – whether it’s organization of electronic documents and files for on-the-fly retrieval or seamlessly and quickly achieving the perfect contrast for large-screen visual displays.