Secure, Reliable - Why Travel?

Hi-Speed, hard-wired videoconference suites
Mobile video/voice connection platforms
Depositions, Client/Expert Meetings, Trial Prep
Remote witness attendance, Interviews


The comfort and ease of videoconference makes traveling issues nonexistent. With our network of conference facilities, scheduling a video conference is hassle-free. Private suites are equipped with HD Polycom cameras, HDMI connections and all the amenities necessary to conduct your meeting in a professional setting.

Hardware Meets 2020 Speed

Technology and quality go hand in hand. Private suites run on high-speed business internet lines, minimizing transmission delay while supporting the ability to connect multiple sites running on various platforms.

Simple and Secure

Secure mobile platforms support PC, Mac and mobile device participation as well as document sharing. All you need to participate is a good internet connection and webcam for video, or a phone for audio participation.